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Top Web Hosting Services You Should Consider in 2020

Web hosting is a crucial aspect of running a website – it is the only way a website can be accessed on the internet. Even if you invest the best resources and efforts into building a website, it can only count if you get an excellent hosting service. This is why it is crucial to find a suitable host when building a website.

There are tons of web hosting services out there. Sieving all of them to find a reliable option can be a daunting task. But not to worry, this article will discuss how you can identify a good web hosting service from afar. It will also offer you insights into which web hosting services the internet currently trusts and why they are trusted.

What makes a reliable web hosting service provider?

Here are the essential qualities you should watch out for in your next best web hosting company:

  • Uptime: This simply describes the number of hours a system stays online. An ideal hosting service provider must offer the highest uptime percentage – 99.999%.
  • Features: Only go for a web hosting service provider that offers your target features. These may include control panels, blog friendliness, database support, email feature, and PHP support, among others.
  • Storage space and bandwidth: Depending on the intended use of your website or the projected growth, you may need more space or bandwidth. You may even go for an unlimited bandwidth package if you are convinced that you need one.
  • Tech support: While a reliable web hosting service should not be prone to constant problems, there must be reliable bank-end support on the ground to resolve any issue as soon as they arise.
  • Price: The cost of web hosting differs across service providers. While the price is determined mainly by the features included, you may want to go for an option that suits your budget. If it helps, compare multiple options and settle for the best offer.

Choosing a web-hosting service

The most important aspect of finding a web hosting service is to know what you really need. Are you shopping for a simple web hosting service for your small business or a full-fledged business, or even an eCommerce store? Each requires a different type of hosting.

For instance, the shared or managed hosting service is ideal for very small businesses – it involves sharing the server with other businesses at a lesser cost. Dedicated servers are suitable for bigger businesses that want a personalized server platform, although at a slightly higher rate. Cloud hosting is the best – especially for companies that seriously consider future expansions.

You should also check if you want a Windows hosting or Linux hosting server. The former is only ideal if your website contains certain Windows Exchange functions. Otherwise, Linux is usually the better choice.

You should also consider your budget. Although there are free web hosting providers out there, they are not built to handle a full-blown website. So, you will need to pay to enjoy a dependable web hosting service. Even at that, some web hosting deals are cheaper than the others.

best Web Hosting Services For You

Below, we have provided a list of the best web hosting services you may consider for your next web hosting project.

  1. Bluehost 

The Bluehost web hosting service is known for its user-friendly and feature-rich interface. It has an inbuilt basic website builder, as well as an automated WordPress setup. The BlueHost Basic Plan starts at $2.75 per month, although there is a bigger BlueHost Choice Plus package at $5.45 per month.

  1. HostGator 

You will be intrigued by the 45-day money-back guarantee that comes with every plan on HostGator. It also offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a feature-rich basic plan. The HostGator Hatchling Plan is $2.64/month.

 3, InMotion 

InMotion Web Hosting is known for its impressive tech support and overall great performance. It offers cPanel and Softaculous-powered hosting for as low as $2.95 per month with the Inmotion Launch package.

  1. Hostinger 

If you are looking to save money, Hostinger Web Hosting is your go-to hosting company. The simple interface is also another reason to use them alongside the integrated SSL feature. The Single Shared Hosting costs just $1.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is quite popular among the lot, perhaps due to its user-friendly inbuilt website builder. It also offers a cPanel-powered Linux hosting and an overall fast service. It is a bit pricey – the cheapest package is $5.99.

Again, before choosing from the list above, you should pay close attention to the specific features they offer. Are they what you want? If yes, what is the cost you are paying for these features? Is it within your budget? Does the platform offer a website builder (if you need one)? Is there an option to expand the storage and bandwidth?

Your answers to these questions will help you arrive at the right decision. Remember, getting the right web hosting service is pivotal to successful website launch.